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    The Global Energy Sector faces fundamental stuctural changes, also called "energy transition"

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    Is the answer to Crisis, Unemployment, lack of Transparency and Democracy.

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EnergiaNet is one of the most innovative companies

We are proud of our projects and cooperations.


EnergiaNet, was founded in 2009 with clear scope to design, develop, construct medium scale pv systems.Since 2011 we started studying agriculture sector by building synergies with innovative companies and by entering new technologies on the field. Additionally, we were involved in the cooperative movement in our country by providing services to newborn coops.


Our vision is to meet human and company needs, through the creation of services, products and activities. We are committed to environmentally, socially and economically sustainable solutions using appropriate technology and methods for each occassion.We are constantly focusing on innovating. In this way we not only add value, but values._


Our goal is to become active and productive to all kind of collaborations with stakeholders on energy,agricultural and applied technology. We create tools to support energy projects, new farmers by deliverng solutions in combination with technology and new entrepreneurs to realise their own coop business ideas and also by making connection between the above.

  • Ideas are cheap.
    Execution Teams on investing are rare...

  • To achieve something you have to
    KNOW it, CONTROL it and LOVE it.

  • Reversing the model from "farm to fork" to "fork to farm" is our motive.

Meet the team

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Christos Stamatis

Founder & CEO

Konstantina Karfi

Senior Agronomist


Technology And Innovation Advisor

Thomie Giotopoulou

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Our main business areas

Our principles are Innovation, Quality, Flexibility, Ecology

Supporting & Consulting


EnergiaNet supports and consults small and medium scale farmers to raise yields, while conserving natural resousces such as water and soil in order to to strengthen the sustainability of the ecosystem. We are adapting the changing needs of our society, by building a dynamic partnership between farmers and our company. Additionally we enhance female farming as well as family farming believing that such a kind of topics can reshape the way we culture and vibrant also rural life development and economy. Last but not least we can present solutions in farming using technology and informatics in order to achieve promissable results.

Develop & Construct

Renewable Sources

EnergiaNet offers turn-key solutions for the construction of pv projects, which include selecting the ideal location, as well as the design, supply and construct pv projects on residential roofs and green field sites. EnergiaNet success is founded on a premium engineering design methodology and project management experience born out of 15 years experience in the Central Greece through the collaboration with Public Power Company. Recently we investigate opportunities in producing electricity by the use of biomass in a regional model in order to defend energy poverty as well as to improve rural development.

Acceleration & Incubation


Our company creates tools to support new entrepreneurs to realise their own cooperative business ideas and also makes connection between the stakeholders of our region. We succed this by envolving in the cooperative movement of our country and by providing services to newborn cooperatives, either as an incubator or as an accelerator.

EnergiaNet applies sharing economy practices in Coops directly through the use of machinery. We also promote to the farmers the benefits of membership and we teach them to start, develop and run sustainable enterprises based on cooperative values and principles. 

Our Contact Info

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Contact Info

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  • 26 Agias Paraskevis str, 35100 Lamia, Greece

  • +30 2231024030

  • contact@energianet.gr